Sikh Rajputs

Sikh Rajputs are the followers of Sikhism belonging to the Rajput ethnic group.

According to the 1901 British census of India, there were 20,000 Rajput converts to Sikhism.

During the Mughal era, many Punjabi families followed the teachings of the Guru and were baptized as Khalsaand joined the Guru’s order of followers. Many Punjabi Rajput families also enrolled in the Guru’s Army, orKhalsa Panth, and baptized as Khalsa Sikhs.

There are many Sikh Rajputs in the history of Sikhism:Banda Singh BahadurSangat Singh MinhasBhai Bachittar Singh Minhas and many families whose kin are followers of Sikhism today. There are many Sikh Rajputs today with common Rajput family names.

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