Bhati/Bhatti Rajputs / بھٹی راجپوت / भाटी राजपूत


Bhati/Bhatti Rajputs / بھٹی راجپوت / भाटी राजपूत


Bhati Rajputs are a Chandravanshi Rajput clan from the Jaiselmer region of western Rajasthan. The Maharajas of Jaisalmer trace their lineage back to Jaitsimha, a ruler of the Bhati Rajput clan. The major opponents of the Bhati Rajputs were the powerful Rathor clans of Jodhpur and Bikaner. They used to fight battles for the possession of forts, waterholes or cattle. Jaisalmer was positioned strategically and was a halting point along a traditional trade route traversed by the camel caravans of Indian and Asian merchants. The route linked India to Central Asia, Egypt, ArabiaPersia, Africa and the West.

Bhati Rajputs were proficient horse riders, marksman and warriors. Their reign spread to the Punjab,Sindh and beyond, to Afghanistan. The City of Ghazni was named after a brave Bhatti warrior. InLahore, a monument exists to this day, which is called the Bhati Gate, named so probably because it opens in the direction of the “Sandal Bar”, an area ruled by Rai Sandal Khan Bhati Rajput. They earned too much by imposing the taxes levies on the passing Carvans.they were known as a great shooter with Gun.


Migration Of Bhati Royal Rajput family towards Pakistan

Facade of a mansion in Jaisalmer

The reigns of both Maharawal Mulraj and his successor were plagued by bitter intrigues between him and the Mehta family who were the hereditary holders of the office of prime minister. Prime minister Swarup Singh Mehta was beheaded by the Bhati heir-apparent in a dispute over a maiden who preferred the prince to the Mehta. It is also claimed that he insulted the prince in public over a debt he owed to him. His young son Salim Singh, 11 at the time, secretly swore revenge on the ruling family. Eliminating many rivals by violence and with many of the ruling family deep in debt to him by the time he succeeded to the position of prime minister he effectively controlled the kingdom. Once in office he used spies and detention of members of the leading families as hostages to maintain control while isolating the power of Rawal Gai Singh (1820 to 1846) who had succeeded to the throne He introduced such heavy taxation that approximately 5000 of the merchants immigrated to other kingdoms which contributed to the downturn in the fortunes of Jaisalmer. Colonel James Tod who was the British political agent for Jaisalmer at this time requested intervention by the British but before this could occur the situation was resolved in 1824 when Salim Singh was stabbed by a noble and for good measure when it appeared he might survive his wound he was poisoned by his own wife.

So in all this situation of chaos Maharawal Gaj Singh Bhatti ordered the Royal family to migrate towards the peaceful land of Punjab. Because in the Bhati dynasty of Jaisalmer there was serious threat to the Royal lives. Finally many of the members of Royal family reached the Punjab of present Pakistan, near to Jhang and Chiniot, along with the battalions of Royal Guards. In Punjab the Royal family got almost 5000 KM square land, by the British Raj as an appreciation gift to the Royals of Jaisalmer. Due to peace and prosperity many of the members of the Bhati Royal family preferred residing in Jaisal Bhattian (Pakistani Punjab). And still living in Pakistan.

The Bhati Royal Family In Pakistan

British Raj fully welcomed these members of the Bhati Royal family and gifted millions of agricultural land to them in Punjab. So Royal Family started their Punjabian territory in Punjab. Interesting fact is tht the Royal Family once again put the name of their terroritory capital (JAISAL BHATTIAN) ‘in local language’, and ‘in English’ that is (Jaisal of royal bhatis) in Punjab. So Bhati Family of Jaisal holding the Royal Flag in Pakistan. But rights of Monarchs have been usurped in Pakistan by the civil Govt.




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